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Stevenson Gun Dog and Obedience
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Hi Jeff,

If you don't remember me, I had brought Shadow in over the past years. He has been a fantastic dog and you really set him on the right path. He was outstanding this year with both ducks and pheasant. He flushed about 70 wild pheasants in MN this year, including some really hard ones in the thickest stuff possible, and retrieved about 50 ducks. One duck was a wounded woody that went 100 yards back into the timber and a mallard that we did not realize we wounded that was almost 400 yards away! If you ever need a recommendation, please do not hesitate to ask. Broc

Dear Jeff, You've created a hunting machine. Maggie is doing a fantastic job of hunting pheasants. My son Ben is the happiest I've ever seen him. He finally has a hunting dog and is so proud of her. I don't even have to ask him to give her a bath after he's finished hunting with her. It's amazing how your knowledge and experience can change a dog's interest. Thanks for all of your hard work, it is truly appreciated. You have a talent/gift for training hunting dogs.

Terry, Doug and boys.

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know Emmy and I just got back from our much anticipated first hunting trip to South Dakota and to tell you what a great success it was. Thanks to you and your hard work with Emmy this summer, she had the perfect foundation for her and I to build from. The excitement you created with the birds made it very easy for me to continue training her and it paid off in the field. As you know, we asked you to focus on pushing her to be her best but not breaking her spirit and you greatly exceeded our expectations in this area. She is a confident, obedient retrieving machine! Thanks for the great job you did with her, but more importantly the care you took of her while she was with you! Paul, Krisanne & Emmy Korbein

My wife and I thought you would be interested in how Jazz is doing. Jazz is doing great and everyone who comes over is so impressed with his training they all ask who did the training and where are you located. I took him out hunting with some buddies who also had their dogs in for training but with other trainers, one was in for 12 weeks and the other was in for 16 weeks. When we got done with the hunt they both said how impressed they were with Jazz and couldn't believe he was only in for 8 weeks. The training level he has is equal if not above the level their dogs received. I know you said all dogs learn at different speeds and some have more desire but if you remember, Jazz didn't have a strong desire to retrieve anything especially birds and my buddies dogs before their training were crazy for retrieving so I would think he should have taken longer than their dogs to get to their level. That night I received a call from one buddy and two days later a call from my other buddy, they both asked for your phone number, so you will probably be receiving a call from both of them on advancing their training. Thank you for the great training and care you gave Jazz. Brent and Lilly

Hi Jeff!

We just wanted to say Thank You again for all your time and expertise in training our puppy Jasper. He returned to us after a month with you a more mature dog and one with a new found desire to hunt and retrieve. In looking back, one thing that we felt set your training program apart from others was the ability to visit Jasper on the weekends and see his progress. Also, we recognized in you a love for the dogs you train, which sealed the decision to send him to you for hunt training. Troy and Christina Horrmann

Hi Jeff,

We want to thank you for the terrific work you did with our pup. She's bird crazy now! Aimless (Amy) learned so much from you, and you took wonderful care of her. By the time we picked her up, I worried she'd rather stay with you, but she's adapted to home again. She's very focused on birds and knows what she's doing in the field. John took her to a farm over the weekend and was thrilled with her progress. Although I missed her terribly, sending her to your 'school' was the best thing we could have done for Amy. She's happy and more confident and loves chasing and pointing. John and Cyndia Depre

Just wanted to let you know that Ashur is retrieving like a real pro. His attention span has improved and he loves to retrieve now. I have had him out to the game farm twice and he pointed/flushed! Several birds and retrieved them. I went out again this last Saturday just me and Ashur and we struggled to find birds but he is a real workhorse and we found one he popped it up I shot it and we thought we lost it in some thick corn and brush. We went back to our hunting pattern and came back over the area where the bird went down he got birdy and out of the cornrows struts Ashur bird in mouth right to my hand! I canít thank you enough for all your work with Ashur. There is no one I would trust more with Ashur than you.

Thanks- Bill

First impression was great, Jeff was very great with our dogs right away, made us feel very comfortable and welcomed!! The training facilities, were VERY clean, air conditioned, piped in music and organized!! Felt very comfortable leaving my dogs in his care.
Thanks again for the fantastic obedience training you did with great to have her home, and so well trained!!  Lori Larson

Great experience. Jeff did an excellent job of breaking woody of his bad habits and giving him the beginnings of the the hunting knowledge he will need to be a successful hunting companion! Can't wait for him to get back for the advanced course. Thanks a lot again Jeff for the great work!!  Matt Borchardt

Thanks for the great training.
Jean Winter

Hi Jeff,
Red is doing great. He is staying in the yard and minding very well. He loves when I grab the leash cuz he knows we are going for a walk/run. He's amazing! He doesn't jump much at all anymore and next to never on me/Jenn. Sam is working him in the field with blindly planting birds, his retrieve is amazing. He hasn't been on live birds yet but we are confident he will do well. He is pointing at rabbits, morning dove and robins. He totally ignores other dogs barking and doesn't join in-which is great. And he doesn't bark in his kennel at all. Thanks for the remarkable training of Red and quite frankly training us too.
We will keep in touch.All the best, Jenn and Sam VanderPlaats

I really liked Jeff's training methods and the fact that the kennel only holds 8 dogs and was extremely clean. I had my dog go through his 8 week Trained Retrieve program. Jeff did an amazing job, my dog now has a very solid retrieve and he completely understands that when sent on a retrieve he must retrieve. I couldn't be happier with Stevenson Gun Dog and Obedience and I highly recommend using them for all your dogs training. Ron Richards

I brought my Black Lab (Tango) to Jeff's 8 week basic gun dog training. One of the main reasons I chose his training is that he will only train a maximum of 8 dogs at once. I knew that my dog would get the time he needed for proper training. Upon arriving at the property you will notice everything is well kept. The kennels have rubber flooring and are in a climate controlled building and are very clean, they even have music to listen to in there. My dog Tango now likes me to leave country music on when I leave the house. Another reason I was drawn to Jeff's training was the weekly visits. After the first two weeks you are able to come visit your dog see how he is doing and Jeff shows you the things they are working on. It was fun to see the progress each week that they were making. I am very happy with the end results Jeff was able to take the drive in my dog and harness it and give the foundation to a future bird machine. Tango has such a desire to retrieve he would retrieve all day if I let him, now that he is home whenever I am done throwing the dummy around for him he always wants more. Jeff did a great job teaching Tango how to use his nose for upland birds. I kept up the training at home just as Jeff said. This past week I went to a game farm and Tango was a bird maniac he hunted close and worked the field perfect. We were able to get 8 out of 9 birds that were in the field pretty impressive for his first time ever with me on live birds. Like I said he is a future bird machine now. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jeff to anyone and I already have actually. We plan on bringing Tango back sometime in the future for advance class as well. Zachary Dehn

We had brought our dog to Jeff for the Basic Gun Dog Training and we couldnít be happier with the care given and the quality of training that our dog received. We decided to bring our dog back for the Trained Retrieve Training and once again Jeff did a great job. We took her out for duck opener and all I can say is WOW!!! The control we now have is above and beyond our expectations, she was steady in the blind, her lining and marking was amazing and the force training made a huge difference in her retrieving, she retrieved every time back to her place and delivered the bird to hand perfectly. Greg Swanson

When looking for a trainer my wife and I visited several facilities, most were very noisy and housed a lot of dogs which made us very uncomfortable wondering how much training and attention our dog would really receive. When we visited Stevenson Gun Dog and Obedience my wife and I were very impressed with how clean the kennels were, how quiet it was and only 8 dogs were allowed to be housed at one time. After talking with Jeff we were also very impressed with how he trained and how well our dog responded to him. We didn't have to visit anymore kennels; we knew Jeff was the trainer we were looking for, so we signed our dog Bauer up for the 8 week beginner to intermediate gun dog program. We were allowed to visit once a week and wow was that nice, we were able to see the progress every week and were allowed to work with him. Bauer is home now and is doing great with both obedience and hunting. Our first hunt together was a great success, he never lost a bird and retrieved every time. I would highly recommend Stevenson Gun Dog and Obedience for your dog's training, Jeff is very skilled, and the facility is small, very quiet and very clean. We couldn't be happier with our dog's results. Adam Webber

I normally don't write reviews but after working with Jeff I just had to. I brought my dog Riley to Jeff for an 8 week beginner to advanced obedience program. The first time I went to visit I couldn't believe I could walk her on a leash. Before I brought her to Jeff, she was so crazy, she would bite my feet and bite at the leash. During my visit Jeff helped me build confidence in working with her, I was so afraid of doing something wrong. About 6 weeks into her training, it was amazing I had total control, she was heeling, sitting, staying, lying down and coming all off leash. When I went to pick her up Jeff went through everything and answered all my questions. I cant stress enough how nice it was working with him, not only did he do a great job training Riley he took such good care of her. I would recommend bringing your dog to Jeff for any training, you won't be disappointed. Wendy Wilson

My husband, Chris and I were looking for a trainer to help with obedience and provide some gun training for TJ our 6 month old Springer Spaniel. We had visited a
couple facilities and when we met with Jeff, we knew that he was the trainer for TJ. Jeff's facilities are very clean and comfortable. He has only 8 dogs at a time,
which provides more one on one training time. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable in training all different types of dogs. He let us know that we could call at anytime to
see how TJ was doing and that after the first two weeks, we could visit once a week. We were having dominance issues with TJ and Jeff was able to take him right
away. The week following our visit, we went to drop TJ off. I was expecting to be very sad to see TJ go, but watching him with Jeff, we knew that we made the right
decision. TJ responded very well to Jeff and each week we saw progress.

We have now had TJ home for three weeks and we can't believe the difference. Unlike other training programs, Jeff is there after the training is complete, offering to
help us when we have issues. We would and have recommended Stevenson Gun Dog & Obedience to anyone who is looking for training for their dog. We wouldn't
hesitate to use him again for a new dog or refresher training for TJ.

Thank you Jeff, for all your hard work with TJ, we loved seeing how much TJ enjoyed working with you!

Chris and Audra Ruff

Hi Jeff!
Lilly is doing great on and off leash. We have done what you said and stopped offering treats and started giving her praise and wow were you right, the nipping at pockets and licking the hands has stopped. I wish I would've come to you before taking her to the class training with treat reward, that only made things worse. It was hard leaving her at first but after the first visit I was so impressed at the progress she had made and how healthy and happy she was I didn't feel bad leaving, I knew she was in good hands. Thank you again for all your help. Tammy

Public school teaching shares similarities with dog training, in that we work with the unique students from many homes. Unlike factory goods, there is no rigid control of raw materials. As a teacher/trainer of our Weimaraner, Jeff has shown great skill and love for our precious dog, so that she could strive to reach her full potential. she learned to follow commands and retrieve on land and in water. He shared knowledge of tools and accessories to enhance the hunting experience. We consider his training and care to be excellent. He treated our pet as if she was his own. We would recommend Jeff and his facility for gun dog training.

Bob and Shari Black

Thank you for the amazing job you did with Mac. I visited several trainers and what you achieved with him in eight weeks others said was a waste of time, they said because he had no interest in retrieving and was so timid, I should just keep him as a house pet and buy another dog for hunting. What you can get a dog to do is amazing and because of you, Mac is now a house pet who loves to hunt, retrieve and swim. I couldn't ask for a better dog, thank you so much.
Terry Anderson

Jeff I just thought you might like to know how lady is doing. Well she is doing great and all I can say is what a great job you did with her, I actually enjoy taking her for walks now and even better yet I can have her off leash at anytime without worrying about her running away, Lady is a much happier dog now.

Thank you so much for all your hard work. Tom Hanson

We brought our black lab Jake to Stevenson Gun Dog & Obedience when he was almost a year old.

Jake went through obedience training as well as the gun dog training with great results. Jake is an energetic, lovable 85 lb. lab, but he is also very headstrong! The progress each week when we came to visit and work with Jake was amazing. Jake was a little gun shy when he arrived for training, but it didn't take long for the sight of a gun to be a source of excitement instead of fear for him. Jake is not only an excellent dog in the field, but thanks to the training he received from Jeff, he is also an obedient family pet. Jeff is a knowledgeable, patient, highly skilled trainer, and we highly recommend him. Mark and Lori Brandon.

After the phenomenal success and satisfaction we saw in Missy after her first session with Jeff, our chocolate lab is currently back for her second program, force fetch.  Seeing the progress she has made in the first two weeks of this program is incredible! Jeff is an absolute dog whisperer who has taken a "wuss" and a "snow sissy" and helped her to become a focused, joyful fetching machine.  I cannot express how thoroughly Jeff and his style has impressed us and we cannot wait to have our Mrs. Jones back for some fall hunting!

Jeff Stevenson...
WOW you have truly blew us away with how amazing Roxie turned out?" If you remember I asked when we dropped her off" is this dog trainable?" You just laughed at me. Through the whole process you made us feel comfortable and we could see you really cared for our dog. Please don't retire any time soon...all of our dogs will go through you in the future! The best part is...Roxie loves doing a great jobfor us and i can assure you that isn't a problem for her, It's just second nature! Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a dog trainer, hunting or not. You won't be disappointed.

Is your dog out of control? Are you frustrated with their behavior? Then this trainer is for you! Jeff is awsome at training for obedience and gun dog training. He has done wonders with both our dogs. We just got Maddie back today and she is a sweetheart! No longer the Tasmanian devil but a sweet joy to have around.
Karl Ruedy

I just wanted to add a little note about cooper. He is a new dog. He is so wonderful and listens very well. I am so glad we found you. I would recommend you to anyone. You have made our once hyper, nipper dog into a great family pet. The best part is that tyler was a little hesitant about it but he is even a believer now. So thank you so much!!  Jen holm

Jeff is absolutely incredible. I had taken my chocolate lab to another trainer last year and got him back just before we left for South Dakota Pheasant hunting. All he did was walk behind us; he would not go out and get the birds, was very frustrated and upset. Found Jeff on the internet and set up an appointment to take Remington (Remey) out to see if Jeff could fix him. Wow did he ever fix him now he is a hunting machine. We can't say the word Bird or he goes nuts. He always wants to be outside and is looking for the birds and Jeff. It is nice because you can go see your dog weekly. Jeff really cares for the dogs like they are his own and as an owner you want that from a trainer as well as one that will train the dog well. We canít wait to get out to South Dakota this year. Thank you Jeff for all you did I canít thank you enough and will definitely be recommending you to people.
From Remey, Mom and Dad and the whole famile, Angie, Mark, Jim, Sue, Jamie and Dakota

I sent my black lab Gauge to Jeff for force fetch training last winter and he is a retrieving machine now! I had a bad experience with another trainer who didn't know what he was doing and left me worried and skeptical about my dog. But Jeff changed all of that and the results were amazing! He is now retrieving geese like a champ.

I have always done most of my gun dog training myself but I have always used someone else for the force fetch training. Force fetch training is very difficult and is the most important training a dog will go through, if done wrong a person can wreck a dog's drive to hunt and retrieve, and for that reason I have always used a professional. I had put my dog through Jeff's Trained Retrieve program and the job Jeff did with my dog was amazing, by the end of 8 weeks Jeff had completed not only force fetch but he also had my dog lining and understanding back. When it comes to the facility it is very clean, it only holds 8 dogs which I really liked and it had music playing 24/7. Whether you need just obedience training or you need gun dog training, I highly recommend Stevenson Gun Dog and Obedience.
Greg Larson

Tipper putting his training to good use, thanks Jeff Stevenson and Stevenson Gun Dog and Obedience.
Jon Strommen

Jeff in incredible. Last year I purchased my first dog and had high hopes of taking him hunting with me. We called around to many other schools and had visits with all of them. Jeff's first interaction with Harley showed that it was a perfect fit. Jeff updated us constantly on how Harley was doing in school. He truly cares for every dog. We were able to visit Harley once a week at school and it was incredible to see the progress, as well as how happy he was working for Jeff. Harley overcame being gun shy, being afraid of swimming, and gained a HUGE increase in drive for retrieving. I will always take my dogs to Stevenson Gun Dog and Obedience.
Mathew Delfs

Jeff is awesome! We have had two labs trained by Jeff and both have come home obedient, happy and ready to hunt! Jeff really cares about each dog and it shows
He's got a nice clean facility and only takes 8 dogs at a time. I also loved that we could visit with our dog weekly. I would recommend Jeff to anyone!!!
Jodi Daugherty

We had always owned labs and my husband decided he wanted a German short hair pointer. Within months of owning him, having three young children and being pregnant, I told my husband the dog had to go! He was NUTS!!!! He was high energy, which is his temperament, but he didnít listen, got into everything and was literally stressing me out to the max! My husband found Jeff and begged me to see if Jeff could fix him. I gladly signed him up for the 8 week session only because I wanted him out of my house!!!! Little did I know that 8 weeks later we would bring home the BEST dog weíve ever owned!!! Decoy not only learned proper behavior, but he also came home ready to hunt. We did do an additional force fetch training where once again jeff worked his magic! Jeff is wonderful and we would highly recommend him to anyone! Thanks Jeff for saving our boy and turning him into the best GSP one could ask for!
Tracy Daum

We brought our English Springer Spaniel, Rocky, to Jeff this year for obedience and gun dog training. We couldnít be happier with how Rocky turned out!  Rocky is great on walks with our 8 year old son and we have had him out hunting a half dozen times and performs like a seasoned hunting dog. We were able to visit Rocky and Jeff weekly to see his progress and learn how to work with Rocky. We highly recommend Jeff to others who are looking for a great hunting dog and pet.

Jeff was awesome with Max. Iíve had dogs for over 40 years and this one ďMaxĒ is the top dog. Jeff cares, itís just obvious. The weekly visits are just sooo awesome. Jeff has a customer for life from my family & (of course Max) cause Max just loved Jeff.
Thank you Jeff! Youíve created the best hunting dog.

Jeff is a wonderful trainer! He takes time to listen to your concerns, and what you hope your dog will accomplish while in his care. Our GSP has made amazing improvements under his tutelage!

Jeff is an excellent trainer. Training is customized between what you require/want out of a hunting companion and the demeanor/personality of the dog. Some dogs require more training in one area than others. Jeff keeps you constantly updated on progress and what he feels are next steps in progress towards what you have mutually agreed upon. We couldnít be happier with the work he did with Booker (German Wirehair). We have scheduled his next student, Jax. (Another Wirehair).

Our boy Tucker was a challenge. He loved to play keep away and chomp on the dummies. That all changed under Jeffís watch. Tucker is well on his way to becoming the hunting machine that Jeff envisions. In addition to the training, Tucker was well cared for and we were able to visit weekly to see his progress. These visits helped us learn what to do and how to do it throughout the training process.

I looked at a lot of trainers before ultimately deciding to go with Stevenson Gun Dog. I am very glad I did. I have a GWP who I thought was never going to learn, and focus in 8 weeks. I was wrong, Jeff has done an amazing job training my young pup, I can be in the field now knowing my pup will do her job. The care of the dog was a huge concern for me too and Jeff did not disappoint. Clean facilities and clean dogs! My pup came back clean and happy as ever. Signed her up for force training right when she got out of basic training cause open spots fill fast, and I am very excited to see my pup progress more in the right hands.

I sent my black lab Gauge to Jeff for force fetch training last winter and he is a retrieving machine now! I had a bad experience with another trainer who didnt know what he was doing and left me worried and skeptical about my dog. But Jeff changed all of that and the results where amazing! He is now retreiving geese like a champ!